SRT Supply was founded in 1994 and supplies to many US government end users and allied countries.  SRT is creating a paradigm shift in the industry. SRT’s relationships include:

• Customs & Border Protection,
• US Marshalls Special Operations and the Air Marshall
• Naval Special Warfare
• Combat Applications Group/Delta Force
• United States Army
• Army National Guard

On the international side, SRT has established relationships and conducts business at the ministerial level in the larger, key Middle Eastern countries. In addition, we recently began working with governments in Central and South America, and the Caribbean. These diverse organizations trust SRT with their most critical needs.


Our foundation is built on integrity, a strong work ethic, service, and loyalty. We believe our proposition to be unique in the tactical and personal protection equipment space. Our key strengths include:

 • Strong and growing relationships with our class-leading suppliers
 • Our capable and extensive sales force
 • The growth mindset of our management team

Our model brings unparalleled service to our end users through our network of superior manufacturers that move as one, the Elite Manufacturers Group (“EMG”). With our significant distribution to US law enforcement, US government channels, and international network, our organization delivers value-add force multiplier growth for our EMG partners. As an example, we are now the second largest distributor for Point Blank Enterprises, the world’s largest protective armor manufacturer. Additionally, we recently partnered with 3M to distribute their personal protection equipment line, and are proud to be one of only a few distributing their full line nationwide.