SIMUNITION | SecuriBlank® Quiet


SecuriBlank® Quiet Cartridges
Simunition® is the world leader in safe, realistic and interactive short range training ammunition. Simunition® family of non-lethal training cartridges have been in use worldwide by military, law enforcement and approved range members for over 20 years. The SecuriBlank® Quiet, our most recent training cartridge, sets a new standard as the world’s safest, soundless blank cartridge. The SecuriBlank® Quiet Blank round allows for training at extreme close ranges without the effects such as muzzle blast and excessive noise levels. This environmentally friendly cartridge, free of any heavy metals is safe for you and the environment. With no gas discharge, our SecuriBlank® Quiet can be shot at very close range without damaging human tissue or even paper. It is truly the safest and cleanest blank available today. The SecuriBlank® Quiet will revolutionize the way Concealed Carry Weapon Instructors conduct training in the classroom.


  • Convenient for training any time, any place, indoors and outdoors
  • Simple and fast clean up, this round is not required to be handled as hazardous waste
  • In classroom, for firearms familiarization, safe weapon handling and realistic handgun retention drills virtually anywhere with 360 degrees of freedom of movement
  • For extreme close proximity, dynamic force-on-force training exercises and interactive scenarios
  • For ground fighting techniques
  • With interactive video-based simulator systems
  • In sensitive areas, where only the SecuriBlank® Quiet can be fired for safety reasons. 


  • Non-lethal and non-toxic cartridges (Toxfree® primer)
  • No flash or noise, only the sound signature of the weapon cycling
  • Cleaner than conventional blanks, no fouling of the weapon
  • Safer blank, no unburnt propellant, no ejected particles
  • Functions in Simunition® converted service weapons
  • Minimal protective equipment, only range certified eye protection required
  • No Blank Firing Attachment (BFA) required