Sally Hayes, Chief Sales & Customer Service Officer

Sally serves as the company’s Chief Customer Officer. She has been instrumental in establishing the company’s service model to ensure effective end-user delivery to all levels within a law enforcement agency.  She works to develop and deliver custom ballistic protection and other technology solutions to law enforcement, federal agencies, and private security. Sally is active in supporting the broader law enforcement community, serving on the associations of the Miami-Dade County Chiefs of Police Association, Broward County Chiefs of Police, Tampa Bay Area Chiefs of Police, and Palm Beach County Chiefs of Police.

Sally studied Psychology at Eckerd College and has a Master of Education degree from the University of South Florida.  She is passionate about leadership, training, group dynamics, and helping others to achieve great success.  She is an Adjunct Professor at Eckerd College where she teaches a Leadership and Self Discovery Practicum to first year students.



Dan Hayes, Chief Sales & Product Officer

Dan serves as the company’s Chief Product Officer. He has an expert understanding of ballistic protection, and its application which he is able to apply for the benefit of the company’s end-users. He is passionate about product innovation in the tactical industry, specifically in finding new applications that can save lives in the law enforcement community.

Dan attended Marion Military Institute, and has completed numerous advanced tactical training courses.  He brings extensive innovation and training expertise to the business, and has a proven track record in building global relationships. Dan and his wife live in Florida with their two sons.




Pat Wood, Director of Hardgoods and Compliance

Pat is the Director of Hardgoods and Compliance, responsible for the company’s operational compliance through ATF licensing and all general industry regulations.  He works multi-functionally with external suppliers to design safety and quality in product development and sourcing processes.  He communicates quality direction, policy, and procedure with suppliers, merchants and manufacturers.

Pat brings over 30 years of experience managing personnel, business operations, inventory, finances and business development.

Pat’s extensive military service includes: Bravo Company 3rd BN 20th Special Forces Group, Heavy Weapons and Communications Specialist (1986 - 1988), Combat Support Company 2nd Battalion 325th Airborne Infantry Regiment, Mortar Platoon Squad Leader (1985 - 1986), Alpha Company 4th Battalion 325th Airborne Combat Team, Fire Direction Center Chief (1983 - 1985), Charlie Company 2nd Battalion 325th Airborne Infantry Regiment, and Radio Communication Specialist (1982 - 1983).  He and his wife live in Florida and have children and grandchildren.


Adam Chalker, Director of Business Development

Adam serves as the Director of Business Development.  In his current role, he is responsible for domestic and international law enforcement sales.  He works with the executive team to foster growth and develop strategic partnerships with manufactures and customers.  Adam supports and leads a regional sales team.

Adam has over 15 years of industry experience ranging from distribution, manufacturer’s representative as well as an independent representative for multiple lines.  He has experience ranging from business development and customer service to oversight and implementation.

His father is a Marine and many members of his family serve as law enforcement professionals.  He and his wife live in FL and have two daughters.

Jed Holzapfel, Director of International Sales

Jed serves as SRT’s Director of International Sales, responsible for developing relationships and building sales at a global level for international law enforcement and military units.

With over 37 years of experience in international sales, market research and business capture, Jed is widely acclaimed for cultivating personal relationships with an extensive network of both domestic and international government and business leaders, resulting in an extraordinary success rate in winning contracts.

Jed retired as a Captain in the U.S Navy, having served 7 years active duty and 14 years in the Naval Reserve.  As Tactical Coordinator and Mission Commander, he has conducted surface and antisubmarine operations in all major oceans throughout the world while logging more than 3500 hours in the P-3 Orion antisubmarine aircraft.

Jed holds a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of North Florida and a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Science from the University of Minnesota.


Tony Williams, Strategic Advisor

Tony serves as a Strategic Advisor, responsible for developing business within the US Military and Federal agencies, with a focus on Special Operations and Tier One units.

He has several decades of experience working with manufacturers and distributors in the tactical industry with a focus on special operations forces.  He has a proven track record of creating opportunities and delivering solutions for end users as well as surpassing sales goals.

Tony is also the President of Greywalkers which specializes in Integrating Industry with End-Users.  Prior to Greywalkers he was the Director of Government Sales for Texas Armament and Technology.

Tony was an active duty Marine for seven years and a graduate of the US Naval Academy Prep School.  He has attended numerous advanced educational courses in leadership, sales and tactical training.