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At Galvion, we are intent on accelerating our pace of innovation. Our knowledge, resources and capabilities are far-reaching, expanding rapidly and constantly evolving. Driven by a deep understanding of developing technology needs in defense, Galvion Focused Solutions offers cutting-edge, mil-spec optics and coating capabilities for partners who require security of technology and supply chain. We work closely with customers to build bespoke optical filtering components to suit a variety of manufacturing project scopes, from small-scale prototype batching through full-service product design and production. Delivered as components or sub-assemblies, our solutions are optimized for cost efficiency and enhanced product yield, and geared to the high-tech applications of the future. Complete U.S. manufacturing of mil-spec coated polycarbonate optics. Environmentally robust, multi-layer AR coatings for laser protection and improved optics performance, through specific and accurate wavelength filtering technology. Coating processes for sapphire, quartz and other lens types available.