EOTECH Holographic Weapon Sights (HWS®) are the fastest target acquisition optics in the world. Situational awareness is provided through the heads-up display that supports engagement with two eyes open. The system optimizes the operator’s peripheral vision capacity, and even with the sight window shattered or partially obstructed by mud, snow or rain, the sight will still function effectively. Beyond other brands, EOTECH is dedicated to quality and reliability through its investment in testing to include extreme shock and recoil, submersion, and thermal drift. This commitment ensures you receive a product you can count on.

Unwavering Focus
Both reticle and target maintain constant, razor-sharp focus. HWS delivers an instantaneous, razor-sharp view of both reticle and target – unlike red dots. With HWS, the holographic reticle is perceived by the shooter to be on target, allowing the shooter to focus on both the target and the reticle at the same time. No more shifting back and forth, near to far or reticle to target.

Field Of View
The HWS’s wide rectangular window heightens – not inhibits – peripheral vision. HWS encourages shooters to keep both eyes open, increasing speed-to-target acquisition and enhanced situational awareness thanks to the enlarged field of view.

Ultimate Stealth
Non-reflective sight window and holographic reticle visible only to the operator. The HWS’s non-reflective sight window and holographic reticle are visible only to you, the shooter. Engineered for day or night combat missions, there are no mirrored or metal-coated surfaces to give away your position.

Never Out Of The Fight
Even when the sight window is partially shattered or obscured, the HWS continues to function. Even when the sight window is partially shattered, obscured by snow or mud, HWS will keep on functioning and delivering pinpoint precision. One of the many reasons they’re trusted by America’s elite in the most extreme, hostile environments in the world.

Own The Night
Night-vision-compatible technology provides a radically enhanced sighting system over traditional reflex sights with ultimate clarity even in complete darkness. Our Holographic Weapon Sights are equipped with night vision-compatible technology to allow operators to use a night vision device in conjunction with the HWS. Its multiple brightness settings are nearly undetectable and promote the ultimate in clarity in complete darkness.

Reticles For All Platforms
Its large ring with precise aiming dot promotes much faster target acquisition than a single dot, especially under duress. EOTECH offers many types of reticle pattern as opposed to only a single dot. Some designs are fabricated to incorporate multiple trajectory points of aim and range assist features. This variety in reticle patterns to suit a variety of firearm applications.

Product description

Battery Type

  • Choose between units that are powered by two different battery types.
  • The models that use two AA batteries increase battery life and are more readily available.
  • The models that use the CR123 lithium battery are more compact, taking up less rail space.

Night Vision

  • Choose between units that are either night vision-compatible or non-night vision-compatible.
  • Night vision models have 10 additional brightness settings.

Rail Mount

  • Choose between units that are cross bolt mounted (Hex or Thumb screw) or have a quick-detach lever.
  • Either style mounts to a standard 1″ Weaver or MIL-STD-1913 rail.
  • Cross bolt models are absolute co-witness; throw level models are lower 1/3 co-witness.

Button Location

  • Depending on the model, buttons may be on the side or on the rear of the unit.
  • If using an EOTECH magnifier with your HWS, buttons on the side make it easier to adjust brightness levels.

Reticle Style

  • EOTECH offers a range of holographic reticle styles (the last digits within the HWS model number indicate the reticle style for that unit).

Water Resistance

  • Depending on the unit, EOTECH sights are water-resistant up to either 33 ft. (10m)or10ft.(3m).

Compatible with all HWS Models:

4.4″ x 2.2″ x 3.3″ (113 x 55.9 x 73.7 mm)

10.6 oz (300g)

Water Resistant:
33ft. (10m) depth

1″ Weaver or MIL-STD-1913 rail

Operating Temperature:
-40°F to 140°F (-40°C to 60°C)

Fixed Magnification:

Eye Relief:
2.2″ (55.9mm)


Fog Resistant Internal Optics

Country of Origin:
Assembled in USA


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