High Traction CBRN Boots

Avon Protection’s EXOSKIN-B1 CBRN Boots have been engineered as your trusted line of defense against CBRN threats. While some traditional CBRN overboots limit operational capability, EXOSKIN-B1 fully integrate with CBRN protection ensembles and have high levels of tactical grip to improve user maneuverability, meeting the unique requirements of tactical operators working within the most demanding of environments.

EXOSKIN-B1 are ambidextrous by design and through three ruggedized quick-release straps offer 27 adjustability settings, ensuring safe and easily repeated donning and doffing. Paired with our material expertise, our seamless molded construction ensures a 100% leak tested design that is resistant to chemical threats and impermeable to biological agents.


Optimized Tactical Grip

  • Tactical grip improves user maneuverability
  • Designed for the most demanding of environments
  • Optimized to meet the unique requirements of tactical operators


Complete Integration

  • Full integration with protective suit ensembles, including JLIST and MkIVA
  • Ruggedized quick release straps allow for faster donning and doffing
  • Easy to use and alter when wearing full CBRN protection
  • 27 adjustability settings


Maximum Protection

  • High protection against Chemical Warfare Agents and Toxic Industrial Chemicals
  • Impermeable to biological agents
  • All products are 100% inspected and tested to ensure the utmost quality and performance
  • Easy decontamination through optimized strap and fixing design


Ambidextrous Fitment

  • Ambidextrous design ensures optimum fitment in demanding situationsImproved donning efficiency


  • Ruggedized straps 
  • Optimized tactical grip 
  • Maximum protection against CBRN and TIC 
  • Quick donning and doffing 
  • Proven rubber technology