MPS Defender Shield

United Shield International has partnered with MPS to introduce its newest innovation in shield protection , specifically tailored to accessibility of storage inside of a vehicle, with the ability to deploy the shield at a moments notice. The MPS defender shield is manufactured using NIJ 0101.06 certified level IIIA soft armor inside of a cordura covering that offers rigidity and structure to the shield, while also giving the shield the ability to fold in half for ease of storage. Each shield has a rifle plate pocket that accepts our XL 11” x 14” Level III+ plate. With the ever-evolving threat to patrol officers, the Defender shield gives each officer another tool for protection against both pistol and rifle threats. Each defender shield comes with a retrofit car Mount, sling and level IIIA armor, all under 7 lbs. With the addition for the rifle plate, giving protection Against the 7.6×51 M80 and 5.56×45 62 gr M855, the Entire defender system comes in at 12 lbs.

Option of a LED light is also available.

Product description


  • Folded Size – 15” x 20”
  • Deployed Size – 15” x 36”
  • System weight with IIIA armor only – 7 lbs
  • with optional 11” x 14” Level III+ plate – 12 lbs
  • Car Mount and Sling available
  • LED Light – 1,100 Lumens