Save Time, Save Energy, Reduce Fuel Consumption The Rteq-6 Thermal Liner employs a double layer of the material, where energy loss and solar load are at their highest. This double layer also has the benefit of an optimally-sized air gap, which enhances thermal efficiency even further. These liner enhancements require no additional materials or installation requirements.

Product description


  • Rteq-6 liner systems (installed) yields average system R-value equal to 6 m² °K/W – up to 38% fuel savings
  • Operational at a temperature range of -40°F to 120°F
  • Employs double layer of material, where energy loss and solar load are at their highest
  • Does not require sub-liner to reach R-values
  • Does not absorb moisture
  • Installs in the same amount of time as standard liner
  • Lighter weight and smaller pack size than currently fielded quilted sub-liners
  • Replaces current conventional liners, while retaining same connection points, light straps, stovepipe access and ECU feed-throughs
  • Withstood durability tests – proprietary materials and manufacturing process exceed US Military requirement for durability, pack size, weight and thermal efficiency
  • Minimum shelf life of 10 years