The URS UGV empowers military operators with the unique capability to remotely control and monitor vital systems of an unmanned ground vehicle, specifically designed for dull and dangerous last mile operations on war frontlines. This groundbreaking technology allows operators to command the vehicle as if they were physically present, providing unparalleled situational awareness and control in critical missions. Utilizing a combination of short-range and long-range radio communication, operators can achieve local control for line-of-sight operations, or extend their reach for out-of-sight situations. The URS UGV onboard camera, advanced video processing, and dedicated screen at the remote ground control station (GCS) ensure seamless real-time visuals.

Product description

Enhanced Safety and Versatility: At its core, the URS UGV prioritizes operator safety and mission success. By offering both manned and unmanned capabilities, operators can navigate challenging environments until it becomes too hazardous, at which point they can effortlessly transition the vehicle into unmanned mode.

This versatility allows for various concepts of operations, ensuring maximum flexibility and adaptability in dynamic warfare scenarios. With the URS UGV, operators have the confidence to execute missions effectively while minimizing risk to human personnel.