SENTRY VISOR For Ops-Core Sentry Helmets

Optimal Optical and Ballistic Performance The Sentry Visor provides optical clarity and high-level ballistic protection for the Ops-Core® Sentry Helmet Platforms. Engineered to provide an optically correct lens, the visor offers superior performance in refractive power, prismatic deviation, and distortion. The visor is tested against 17 grain FSP in accordance with portions of U.S. Army ACH CO/PD-05-04:2007.

The Sentry Visor friction-fits into three positions: fully open, vented, and fully closed. The whisper quiet hinge indexes in 45 degree increments and will not slip out of place when running or maneuvering. The Sentry Visor easily integrates with the Sentry Mandible for complete eye and face protection from ballistic threats, backface deformation and blunt trauma. The seamless seal between the mandible and visor prevents exposure to debris and dust that is disruptive to dismounted and mounted infantry

Features & Specifications

  • Compatible with Sentry Mandible (not included) 
  • Tool-less installation and removal; easy one-handed operation 
  • Designed for use in conjunction with APEL (Authorized Protective Eyewear List) ballistic eyewear and goggles
  • The visor indexes in 45 degree increments for a fully open, vented or fully closed position

COLORS : Black, Urban Tan, Foliage Green

SENTRY VISOR (SIZE) : Weight Summary

M 0.57 lbs (257 g)

L 0.58 lbs  (261 g) 

XL 0.60 lbs (274 g)

XXL 0.62 lbs (280 g)