Enhanced Force on Force (FoF) rounds are state-of-the-art. Force on Force marker rounds boast superior performance, distinct marking and reliable ballistics. Designed to be shot at soft tissue for the ultimate realism, FoF rounds incur a pain penalty. Unlike other products on the market, these rounds are lead-free and thus safer for indoor use, environmentally friendly and prevent lead contamination and expensive cleanup. The marking agent never dries, making washing clothes and clean up effortless. Extended shelf life requires no special packing. Eliminating the use of powder as a propellant reduces the mess with significant less barrel fouling.

Product description

Item Number: FF556BCG
Description: M4/M16 5.56 Force on Force Conversion Kit 
Operation: Direct blowback, center-fire primer strike, and floating firing pin 
Works: In All AR/M4/M16 Variants 
Warranty: 5-Year Limited 
Materials: Same quality as standard Bolt Carrier Group, Blue Bolt Carrier, and nickel-plated bolt Impingement Systems: Gas or Piston 
Function: Semi-Automatic or Full-Automatic 
Safety Features: Bolt face has reduced diameter which only fires Force on Force brand ammunition to be chambered or fired, keeps dust cover open for safety confirmation, no forward assist serrations, and a high-visibility blue bolt carrier 
Case Quantity: 6 Bolt Carrier Groups per case 
Quality: 100% Function Testing