The Beacon™ Chest Seal is an advanced occlusive dressing designed to treat open chest wounds.  Penetrating injuries to the chest that result in open chest wounds may lead to tension pneumothorax, the second leading cause of preventable death on the battlefield.  Beacon™ Chest Seals are specifically designed with a medical grade hydrogel adhesive strong enough to adhere to skin that is exposed to blood, sweat, hair, sand or water.

Quarter folded to minimize size restraints

The Beacon Chest seal is configured ideally to fit in kits, even in small personal trauma kits. The entire package is only 6″ x 4″, making it by far the most “packable” chest seal we know of.

The Beacon Chest Seal is available in both a vented and non-vented version.The vented version features a patent pending design with 4 vents that allow for one-way airflow out of the chest cavity during exhalation while preventing airflow into the chest cavity during inhalation.  The 4 vent design maximizes venting and ensures proper chest seal function in the event of an obstruction.

Product description

The Beacon™ Chest Seal Meets CoTCCC Preferred Features for Chest Seals

  • FDA 510(k) Exempt
  • Used by Military, Police, Fire, EMS and First Responders
  • Large 6  Inch Round Shape for Optimal Coverage Area
  • Large Release Tab for Easy Application and Removal
  • Effective in Extreme Cold and Heat
  • Transparent Backing for Easy Placement Over the Wound
  • Strong Medical Grade Hydrogel Adhesive
  • Lightweight Puncture-Resistant Packaging
  • Conforms and Adheres Easily to All Body Surfaces
  • Function and Integrity of Chest Seal Preserved when Folded or Rolled
  • Vacuum Sealed Pouch with 4 Tear Notches
  • Latex Free

Dimensions: 6″ H x 4″ W x 1/8″ D (packaged)

Dimensions: 6.0″ H x 6.0″ W x 0.1″ D (chest seal)

Weight: 0.9 oz