TacMed™ Bleeding Control Kit

The TacMed™ Bleeding Control Kit comes equipped with essential items to prevent further blood loss for a victim suffering a traumatic injury. All the user-friendly tools are contained in a red nylon bag. The kit includes a SOF® Tourniquet, Esmark Bandage, 4” Control Wrap, Nitrile Gloves, and a selection of 3 gauze options: Compressed Gauze, Combat Gauze, and ChitoGauze. Detailed instructions are included for addressing traumatic injuries using the appropriate components. During high-stress situations, stress can often affect the fine motor skills of individuals. This makes simple tasks such as finding the correct components difficult and time-consuming. The kit is thoughtfully designed for quick response with a well laid-out interior that allows easy access to the tools inside, offering a simple and effective solution to organizing life-saving equipment. This kit is compact and portable, allowing it to be easily stored in a vehicle, backpack, or workspace. This means that you’ll always have the gear needed to respond to emergencies. Be prepared to save a life with this comprehensive Bleeding Control Kit.

Product description

Dimensions: 7” H x 4.75” W x 3.75” D
Weight: 1lb 9oz.