COVERT Surveillance Earpiece

COVERT Surveillance Earpiece sets a new standard for quality, discretion, and clarity, providing reliable communication across surveillance teams.

The industry standard and benchmark against which all high-performance wire accessories are measured, OTTO’s COVERT Surveillance Earpiece is unparalleled in quality. The low visibility earpiece, integrated with the new OTTO Surveillance PTT (purchase separately), provides a complete solution for teams assessing and responding to threats—with the confidence that they can depend on OTTO’s trusted communication clarity. The new Covert Surveillance Earpiece exceptional sound quality provides discreet audio reception, even in loud environments, allowing ambient sound to pass fully while preserving binaural hearing and situational awareness. The new Surveillance PTT (Sold Separately) has an easy-to-locate 20mm PTT button that activates silently for privacy. It offers unmatched compatibility and links directly to popular radios, such as the Motorola APX series (SKU: V1-11569) and Kenwood (SKU: V1-11570, V1-11571).

Product Description

  • Practically Invisible to the Casual Observer
  • Comfortable for Extended Wear with Exceptional Sound Quality
  • Optional Models for Left and Right Ear
  • Includes Multiple Ear Tip Sizes
  • 3.5mm and 2.5mm Options for Varied Speaker Mics
  • Extremely Durable for Demanding Situations
  • Works with the New OTTO Surveillance PTT


  • Law Enforcement
  • Military Police
  • Hotel Personnel
  • Event Coordinators
  • Airport Security
  • Casinos
  • Crowd Control at Conventions and Concerts