Micro Sound Tubeless Listen Only Earpiece

There’s never been a better time to go Tubeless.

Eliminate bacteria, moisture build-up, and tube maintenance. The Micro Sound Tubeless Listen Only Earpiece is the first of its kind to incorporate a tiny speaker driver into our patented Fin Ultra™ ear tip. Tubeless micro-speaker technology delivers clear audio with no obstruction or sound loss, just clean audio from the source all the way to your ear. More key features include “Easy-Swivel” speaker 180˚ rotation, “Simple-Release” which makes speaker replacements easy, and “Secure Ear Tip Lock” so that your ear tip stays securely in place.

The tiny micro-speaker driver with dust screen puts out 1350 Ohms providing enough output for high-power radios with very little distortion. We recommend starting out at the lowest volume for the best results. The kit is concealable, lightweight, and comes complete with patented Fin Ultra™ ear tips for all-day comfort and a higher level of situational awareness.

Product description


  • No sound loss, moisture build-up, or tube maintenance
  • Release Micro Connector for easy speaker replacement
  • 21” full cable length with 6” coil that extends to 3X coil length
  • Enhanced Comfort: Fin Ultra™ ear tips are softer than ever and the open skeleton design allows for more ambient sound