KGM R338

The R338 redefines precision for magnum caliber rifles, setting a new benchmark for long-range shooters. Crafted with precision from Grade 5/9 titanium and laser-welded, it strikes an optimal balance in size, strength, weight, and sound reduction, meeting the specific demands of large-caliber firearms.

Engineered for precision, the R338 exceeds expectations with its advanced gas flow design, intelligently redirecting gas to enhance accuracy and significantly reduce sound, recoil, and flash. The Adjustable Port End Cap (APEC) feature allows tuning of external gas flow to help direct muzzle movement during recoil, or closing for maximum sound suppression.

The R338 utilizes a taper-lock muzzle device to ensure a precise and secure attachment, while also extending the suppressor’s service life. This suppressor stands as the premier choice for .338 Lapua, .300 Norma, and other large magnum cartridges, offering unmatched performance.
The R338 includes one, 3/4×24 Taper Lock Muzzle Brake.

Product description

  • Constructed of titanium and laser-welded for class-leading weight with an extended service life
  • Integrated Gas Flow (IGF) design eliminates over-gassing and reduces toxic gases for the shooter. Internal gas flow maintains precision and minimizes point-of-impact changes
  • Adjustable Port End Cap (APEC) allows tuning of external gas flow to enhance recoil control
  • Reduced sound, pressure, and tonal variations in firing enhance shooter effectiveness
  • Gas flow design and precision manufacturing enhances rifle precision, minimizing point-of-impact changes
  • Multiple thread-pitch options for muzzle brakes:
  • 5/8×24
  • 3/4×24
  • M18x1.5
  • M18x1


Caliber: .338 Caliber 

Construction: Grade 5 & 9 Titanium 

Diameter: 1.87” (47.5 mm) 

OAL (w/o mount): 9.1” (231 mm) 

Weight (w/o mount): 19 oz (538 g) 

Attachment: Taper-Lock Muzzle Brake 5/8×24; 3/4×24; M18x1.5; M18x1 

Colors Available: Sniper Grey


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