KGM R65T and R30T

The KGM R65T and R30T are lightweight and capable precision rifle suppressors that set the standard for accuracy, repeatability, recoil reduction, and remarkably quiet sound suppression.

Achieving unparalleled performance involves the efficient management of gas flow, minimizing disruptions to the rifle’s operation. By redirecting the gas away from the bullet’s flight path, precision is enhanced. Simultaneously, the engineered gas flow passes through the suppressor to significantly reduce flash, recoil, and noise.

Crafted from titanium and laser-welded for durability, the R30T is capable of handling cartridges up to .300 Norma magnum, while the R65T can handle any 6.5 caliber cartridge. The R65T/R30T feature a taper-lock muzzle brake, ensuring precise attachment and increasing suppressor service life. 

The R30T has been selected as the precision rifle suppressor of choice for multiple federal law enforcement agencies. The R65T and R30T stands out as exceptional choices for those seeking the utmost in precision and performance.

Product description


  • Lightweight and durable titanium construction.
  • Integrated Gas Flow (IGF) system for eliminating over-gassing and reducing toxic gases for the shooter.
  • Adjustable Port End Cap (APEC) allows tuning of external gas flow to enhance recoil control.
  • Internal gas flow maintains precision and minimizes point-of-impact changes.
  • Reduced sound, pressure, and tonal variations in firing enhance shooter effectiveness.
  • Taper-lock muzzle device ensures precise and secure attachment, while prolonging service life.
  • Ideal for precision rifles applications.
  • Available as a 6.5mm bore or .30 caliber bore. The R65T offers a several additional dB reduction on 6.5 caliber rifles compared to the R30T.


Caliber: 6.5mm or .30 caliber
Construction: Grade 5/9 Titanium
Diameter: 1.75″ (44.5 mm)
Length (w/o mount): 7.3” (185.4 mm)
Weight (w/o mount): 13 oz (368 g)
Color(s) Available: FDE Cerakote


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