3M™ Qualitative Fit Test Apparatus FT-30, Bitter, 1 ea/Case

The 3M Qualitative Fit Test Apparatus offers a simple way to meet the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) qualitative fit testing requirements (1910.134, Appendix A). It can be used to assess the face-torespirator seal of any particulate respirator or gas/vapor respirator with a particulate filter. Fit testing is accomplished by spraying a test agent into the hood environment with the respirator in place. If the wearer does not detect the taste of the test agent, an acceptable fit has been demonstrated.

Product description


  • Qualitative Fit test kit for particulate respirators
  • Kit includes hood, collar, 2 nebulizers, sensitivity solution,
    fit testing solution, and user instructions
  • For Occupational Use only


  • Fast, easy method for performing qualitative fit testing
  • Two test agent options are available to determine employee’s taste threshold to test solution – 3M™ Qualitative Fit Test Apparatus FT-10, Sweet and 3M™ Qualitative Fit Test Apparatus FT-30, Bitter
  • Can be used with any particulate respirator, or any gas/vapor respirator with particulate filter
  • Convenient, reliable and economical to use
  • Provides consistent test atmosphere for test exercises
  • Educational materials available from 3M to help you meet OSHA respirator program requirements