3M™ Scott™ Air-Pak™ 75i SCBA

The 3MTM ScottTM Air-PakTM 75i is a NIOSH-approved self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) designed with durability, dependability and user-focus in mind. The Air-Pak 75i SCBA features redundant safety features that are unique to 3M Scott such as a dual redundant pressure reducer and the E-Z Flo regulator with an audible and tactile vibralert personal alarm. The Air-Pak 75i is a highly versatile NIOSH-approved SCBA from 3M Scott, with features and options to suit a wide variety of applications.


Typical properties


  • Brands : Scott™
  • Buckle Type : Parachute
  • Harness Material : Kevlar®
  • Included Regulator : E-Z Flo
  • Product Type : Self-contained Breathing Apparatus

Dependable durability

Featuring the streamlined backframe of the Air-Pak 75 platform, the Air-Pak 75i SCBA provides a comfortable fit with lower profile for greater freedom of movement to SCBA users in protective clothing during even the most rigorous of on-the-job activities

The one-piece backframe is constructed of a lightweight, time-tested, durable aluminum alloy. It is designed to follow the back’s contour and places the bulk of the SCBA’s weight on the hips, where the fully padded waist belt provides comfortable support to the user. Padded shoulder straps further promote comfort

Quick and reliable donning and doffing

Parachute-style, oversized harness fasteners designed with gloved hands in mind permit smooth, efficient adjustment for quick donning and doffing. While securely retaining the shoulder straps, the fasteners minimize harness wear and tear, even with frequent use

An enhanced latching system with a durable para-aramid fabric band allows for quick and efficient cylinder changes. Simple adjustment of a cam-over center slide permits the installation of 30-, 45-, 60- or 75-minute rated duration cylinders

Easy to breathe

The 3MTM ScottTM E-Z Flo mask-mounted regulator responds rapidly and efficiently to the user’s demand for air, helping to enable easy breathing, especially during periods of peak physical performance. From first-breath activation, 3M Scott offers an SCBA with excellent breathing performance and airflow, reducing inhalation and exhalation resistance to help minimize user fatigue

Top Down Convertiblility

The 3MTM ScottTM Air-PakTM 75i SCBA features Top Down Convertibility, which allows for an increase in versatility and compatibility with the 3M Scott product line. This design concept enables a user to be trained and fit-tested on a single facepiece to be used for SCBA, air-supplied or air-purifying respiratory protection. Top Down Convertibility simplifies training, minimizes equipment inventories and reduces costs associated with fit-testing multiple facepieces for each employee