Fast, reliable threat detection for secured facilities, public settings and anywhere security is essential

Most U.S. airport body scanners meet public concerns related to safety and privacy. However, despite an investment of tens of millions of dollars, these scanning systems often fail to accurately detect threats.
Repeated federal covert security tests at dozens of airport checkpoints report missing weapons or explosives 80% to 95% of the time. Much of the blame goes to body scanners using millimeter wave and faulty automated threat detection technology.

France and Germany rejected millimeter-wave scanners because the false-positive rate exceeded 50%. The false alarms, triggered by folds in clothing, buttons and even perspiration, slowed the screening process and frustrated passengers as well as security officials.

Product description

The Tek84 Solution
Tek84’s Defender™ is a full body scanning system for public settings, including airports, courthouses, and embassies, offering fast and reliable threat detection. Advanced imaging technology provides superior head-to-toe danger identification while protecting individual privacy.

  • Provides exceptional image clarity with ultra-low-dose radiation – ten thousand times lower than a standard medical x-ray.
  • Triple-mode scanning enables fast, reliable head-to-toe threat detection
  • Compact 5’x5’ footprint provides greater location flexibility

Defender is Safe and Effective
Defender uses an ultra-low dose of radiation to quickly render sharp images that accurately reveal hidden threats. Defender meets federal standards for body scanner radiation safety established by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI N43-17).

  • A single Defender scan is the equivalent of 15 minutes of natural environment radiation that humans are exposed to every day
  • A person could be scanned 20 times each day and still comply with the ANSI N43-17 requirements
  • A typical screening of once per day, or less, places a person in the category of Negligible Individual Dose, which the National Council on Radiation and Protection views as trivial, completely negligible, and generally not warranting radiation safety concern

How Defender Works
Defender combines superior scanning technology and intuitive controls for simple, fast and reliable detection of threats within and beneath clothing.

  1. Defender’s triple-mode scan captures six separate images of the front, back, sides and feet/ankles in about 7 seconds
  2. These scanned images are sent to remote reviewers at private locations for analysis
  3. Remote image reviewers mark the location of any detected anomalies on a generic human illustration
  4. The location of anomalies is sent tothe scanning operator for investigation


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