Traveler provides the same thorough screening as our general-public body scanner, Defender, but in a modular design for quick set-up.

Used in applications such as dignitary protection, Traveler ships to the site in three
rugged containers and takes 15 minutes for two people to setup.

Product description

Triple-mode screening is used to scan subjects in three separate ways:

  • Backscatter: to detect threats on the front and back
  • Forward scatter: to detect threats on the sides and in loose clothing
  • Ground-level: to detect threats on the feet and ankles

Depending on the application and privacy requirements, raw images may be analyzed or Tek84’s breakthrough software, Automated Threat Detection (ATD), may be used

Same thorough screening as our airport body scanner; now with a modular design for quick set-up
Trave/erTMships to event sites in three rugged containers. Installation requires only about 15-minutes by a single technician plus an on- site helper. Electrical power is provided by a standard electrical outlet, or by an optional battery pack lasting up to 12 hours

Triple-mode screening provides the utmost in threat detection: Backscatter examines the front and rear of the body; Forward-Scan the sides and loose clothing; and Ground-Leve/ for the ankles and feet. Quickly and reliably finds firearms, explosives, and improvised threats.

Easy to use software
ATD software shows the concealed objects as yellow boxes on a generic outline of the body, providing excellent detection with full privacy. In higher security applications the raw images are display at a remote location. The software is intuitive and easy to learn; only a few minutes instruction is needed.

Quick assembly, no tools required TravelerTM breaks into five major assemblies for transport, without the need for too/s. Set-up is quick and simple- remove from the shipping crates, snap together, plug into a wall outlet and begin screening. Installers and operators do not need a technical background.


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