The only American-made body scanner that detects both metallic and nonmetallic threats, including weapons, drugs, cell phones and other contraband. Screens from below the feet to above the head revealing items under the clothing and within the body.

Product description

  • Unmatched detection
  • Patented vertical scan
  • Widely used in US jails
  • Subject doesn’t move
  • Quick 3.8 second scan
  • Ultra-small footprint
  • 2-hour installation
  • Photo ID tied to scan
  • Made in the USA.
  • Exceptional training
  • No-contact screening
  • Thermal camera detects fevers

Next Generation Inmate Screening

Easy to use – Widely Accepted
More than 2,000 jails, prisons and detention facilities use x‐ray body scanners to search inmates. The subject simply stands on the Intercept stationary platform for a quick 3.8-second scan. Instantly, a detailed x‐ray image appears on the high‐resolution monitor, showing objects under the clothing and within body cavities.

Extremely Safe – Regulated by the FDA
Airport body scanners only detect items hidden under the clothing. The Intercept scanner is different. It also detects items within the body by transmitting a weak x‐ray beam completely through the subject. Scanned images appear similar to medical exams, yet only require about 1% of the x‐ray level. Federal safety standards allow each person to be screened up to 1,000 times per year on the lowest setting, allowing daily use. The Intercept scanner’s highest setting produces better images and allows 125 scans per year.

Better Images, Lower Dose, No Distortion
The Intercept scanning beam penetrates directly from back to front. This uses the shortest distance through the body, about 11 inches in thickness. In contrast, other products scan at an angle, which requires the beam to pass through about 16 inches of tissue. The extra 5 inches of thickness has a devastating effect on image quality and the dose required. Plus, angled scans make a 140 lbs person look like 300 lbs!

The Intercept horizontal beam also prevents image distortion; the belly button appears directly in front of the small of the back. With angled x-ray scanning, the belly button appears between the shoulder blades.

Patented Technology: Vertical Scanning
Intercept is a true breakthrough in body scanner technology, scanning the person vertically instead of horizontally. The scanning beam starts below the feet and moves vertically upward to above the head. This vertical scanning provides revolutionary benefits over all other approaches:

  • Quick setup; a few hours (not a few days)
  • A quick 3.8-second scan (not 7-15 seconds)
  • Ultra‐small footprint,only 34″ x 72″ (not 9′ x 9′)
  • Better image quality; lower x‐ray dose
  • Person remains stationary(does not stand on a moving conveyer belt or platform)
  • No image distortion, objects appear in the image at the same location as on the body
  • With built in wheels,Intercept easily passes through doorways as small as 35″ x 80”

Join Hundreds of Jails & Prisons Using COVID Funds to Buy Body Scanners

The Tek84 Intercept scanner detects concealed threats plus reduces COVID transmissions, making it an ideal purchase for your American Rescue Plan funding. One staff member can screen up to 180 subjects per hour while maintaining the COVID‐safe distance of 6 feet. An FDA approved thermal camera measures the body temperature of each inmate to provide an early indication of COVID‐19 and other infections.


Tent Fabric: 76 x 32 x 21
Roof Frame: 92 x 13 x 13
Side Arches: 93 x 16 x 5
Thermal Fly: 36 x 28 x 10
Total Volume: 48 ft³

End Doors, End Walls, (optional) Side Doors

ECU/Cable ducts on both end walls


Meets MIL-PRF-44103

100 lbs each; Interior Hang Points

Standard Equipment; Interior shelter cord with lighted triple tap


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