We are a proud manufacturer of both Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) and CUSTOM DESIGNED ballistic guard booths and fighting positions.

We match any NIJ or UL752 rating and provide customized floor plans, a variety of electrical upgrades, mission specific surveillance packages and more.
Our specially designed guard booths and guard shacks are designed to keep personnel protected from incoming threats. Our guard booths are available as both portable or permanent structures.

Our guard booths are specially designed for: Government facilities, Nuclear facilities, Manufacturing plants, Airports, Military bases and facilities, Other applications that require a high level of protection from threats.

Product description

  • Tested and certified to exceed design requirements
  • Shipped fully assembled and ready to deploy
  • Commercial HVAC units
  • Fully equipped with electrical outlets and wiring for equipment
  • Ballistic glass windows to enhance protection from threats
  • Ballistic rated weapon firing access ports
  • Extremely durable and low maintenance guard booths
  • Epoxy coated steel exterior with a variety of color finishes available
  • Ballistic rated entry door with dead-bolt lock, pull handles, heavy-duty hinges, weather-stripping, and threshold
  • Easily configured for any security or operational requirements

Our security experts and guard booth engineers will work with you to design your booths to fit your specifications and needs.

Benefits of Kontek Industries Guard Booths

  • Our portable guard booths are designed to setup quickly and easily with a complete modular build that requires no excavation
  • Provide employees and security operators with a superior defensive product, best in industry craftsmanship and options capabilities not found anywhere else
  • Design flexibility to meet your exact security requirements and configurations
  • Customizable guard booth design allowing you to upgrade to add more advanced tactical and safety options
  • Low maintenance guard booths, keeping overall project costs down
  • Designed to change placement and location to help handle ever changing defensive strategies