Tower Elevated Blast/Ballistic Rated Enclosure

Kontek, a global leader in tested Blast and Ballistic Rated Enclosures offers a blast rated tower (up to 50 feet above grade and taller) to enhance the ability to protect personnel, resources and assets from external threats. Kontek’s proprietary design offers rapid deployment with pre-cast above grade foundations, preassembled tower sections in addition to the ready to install enclosure. The precast foundation does not require excavation and the elevated unit can be relocated with relative ease and minimal disturbance.


  • Pre-cast above grade foundations require NO EXCAVATION
  • Multiple access hardened and concealed chases for utilities and communications
  • Stairs easily configured to meet on site requirements
  • Shipped in pre-assembled sections
  • Designed and engineered for quick installation
  • Easily relocated when faced with changing perimeters
  • All tower components fully galvanized (optional)
  • Shipped assembled and ready to deploy
  • Windows Blast/Ballistic rated (Rated in accordance to protection level)
  • Blast/Ballistic rated weapon firing access ports (Rated in accordance to protection level)